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Will members please note upcoming events and Christmas closure dates on the "Shows and Events" page.

Winners at the June Open Show. It was a shame about the weather with a constant drizzle most of the day but it was another good day enjoyed by all. I didn't manage to get a picture but the five baby pups going round in the "Puppy Parade" was a sight to see! I can see that they will do well in the show ring as they get older. Each pup was presented with a commemorative rosette, the first of many we hope.

L to R: Best of Breed: Hensley and Swifts Zuberg Hana at Zuberg. Best Opposite Sex: Busby's Eirik Av Rottenhaller. Best Puppy: Yates Lornstone Titan. Pictured with judge Marianne Davis "Marlish"

After years of planning and careful storage of the materials we have finally installed the new gates to our training ground. This had become necessary as both the old gateposts were tied to the hedge with rope to stop them falling over! We have also widened the entrance for better access. We are not allowed to put up permanent signs as we are in the National Park so we have had some smart new signs made that will only go out when the Club is open. The team are (L to R) Terry, Jim, Rory and Stephen.

Two social events in two days! The Doggy Christmas Party after training. Games for the dogs followed by a buffet for the members. Games for the dogs devised by Terry and Joy, the trainers such as musical posts (dogs can't get on chairs!) and fastest recall. What a shame the weather made it too dark to take pictures outside.

A lovely spread enjoyed by all and a fitting end to the training year.

Another brilliant night out at the Cromwell Arms for the Club Christmas Dinner and Presentation Evening. The food was excellent and a good time was had by all!

Plenty of room left for some of the newer members next year!

We are very sad to announce that Mr Roy Lewis passed away peacefully at home aged 80. Roy was a life member of the Club, he had been the obedience trainer at the Plymouth branch for many years and was Vice-Chairman until his retirement when the Plymouth branch closed. The officers, committee and members of the German Shepherd Dog Club of Devon offer our sincere condolences to his family.

Roy at his retirement.

We have a small ringcraft section at the Club with about five or six members and their dogs training on the full size show ring each Sunday. Today the ring was empty and the members were at the South-West German Shepherd Club Championship Show near Bath. Members Mary Brimacombe and Terry Kessel won the Bitch Challenge Certificate with Conbhairean Gabriella, her eighth! Sandra Tucker and Jim Apps dog Felsental Hussy won the Reserve Bitch Challenge Certificate. The judge was Mr Alfred Campbell from Jamaica. Winning 50% of the major awards at a Championship show with an international judge is a wonderful acheivement for the Club.

Our AGM was held today. The chairman listed our achievements from the last year and our aims for the next year. The accounts for the club were presented and showed that we are in a healthy condition for the year ahead. The current state of the training was discussed and Joy Gallagher, our new trainer, was appointed to the committee. A new training timetable was approved for future Sunday sessions. Over the last year, in common with most dog clubs, we have lost some of our members. Susan Samways has been appointed to look into this and also to be the "point of contact" for new members in an effort to make the club more welcoming and encourage new members to integrate with the older members. The AGM was followed by a barbecue, (well, we have to get members to stay for the AGM somehow......!!!)

A few of our members making the most of a sunny afternoon. The barbecue following the AGM.

We are very sorry that the website has not been updated for some time but Sandra, our Secretary, has been quite ill for some time and Jim, the Chairman who runs the website, has had to run the kennels single-handed. Obviously the welfare of the dogs comes before the website.....

Some of you may know that Terry Welch, our obedience trainer and Treasurer, has not been well for a while. Due to his illness we have found another trainer to help out from Sunday 22nd April 2016. Joy Gallacher has had an association the club for many years and has always owned German Shepherds. She has been the trainer at a large all-breed obedience club and is an obedience show judge. Some members will know her from judging at our shows recently. Joy is familiar with all modern training techniques. We look forward to her joining us at Hennock.

The AGM was held at the Training Ground this afternoon. This is something we have to do every year but it is difficult to get the members to attend to see how well the club has done and our plans for the future. This year we did very well, everyone who trained stayed for the AGM!! How did we do this? The answer is to have a barbeque afterwards!! Although our barbeque expert was unable to come this year due to illness we managed to burn everything enough to make it edible... Get well soon Robert!! By the way...... the Club is doing very well!!  See the "Photos" page for pictures.

It is regretted that due to circumstances beyond our control obedience training can no longer be offered at Kitley. Unfortunately this applies to both normal obedience training and obedience training specifically for agility

Another new year has begun and a very successful year has ended. Two shows were held at the Training Ground and again both were a great success. It was dry on both days which certainly helped! Another of our ringcraft members have succeeded in making their dog a Champion, Mary Brimacombe and Terry Kessel's bitch Conbhairean Gabriella has obtained the necessary three Challenge Certificates to get her title. Jim Apps and Sandra Tucker's puppy Felsental Hussy is the GSD Breed Council's Top Puppy Bitch for 2014 and is also "Our Dogs" Top Puppy" (GSD) 2014, the trophy for this to be presented at Crufts in March. Terry, Mary, Jim and Sandra are at the Club on most Sundays and happy to help with members ringcraft training.
Obedience training continues to be popular, especially when done the "Devon" way. We have had a particularly large number of puppies this year to keep our new puppy trainer Sue Wildman busy. It's very pleasing to see pups coming for training before they develop bad habits.
Training is back to normal now and is every Sunday at 2pm.

Most members of the ringcraft section had dogs a Crufts this year and for a small club we did very well! The best was Mary Brimacombe, Heather MacDonald and Terry Kessel's "Conbhairean Gabriella" who was 1st in Yearling Bitch and the Reserve Challenge Certificate. Dave, Denise Hensley  and Ann Swift's "Monksley Kohana at Zuberg" 2nd in Post Graduate Dog and lastly Jim Apps and Sandra Tucker's "Ch. Conbhairean Erika vom Felsental" 2nd Open Bitch and "Felsental Hussar" 5th in Limit Dog. This was a remarkable result for a small club at a world renowned international show and highlights the quality of the dogs under training at the Club.

Our Christmas Dinner and Presentation Evening was held at the Cromwell Arms, Bovey Tracey. After an excellent meal presentations were made to the dogs and handlers making the most progress, special presentations to the members who run the Club every Sunday and to all the members of the Display Team. On Sunday 8th the Doggy Party was held at the Training Ground including a little party for the humans afterwards. Everyone, including the dogs, went home with a full stomach. This was our last training session before Christmas and training will resume on 29th December 2013. We now have some pictures of the event on the "photos" page.

21st July 2013

Our AGM was held at the Club's Training Ground. As this is always a little boring and most of our members avoid going we decided to have a barbeque afterwards. We built our new barbeque last year but due to the poor weather were unable to test it. I can now report that it is working well and we hope to use it again later in the year. See the "Photos" page to see the pictures.

15th June 2013

We held our first show of the year which was restricted to obedience only due to a large breed show being held in the Midlands on the same day. The obedience judges and competitors made many comments about the improvements to the Training Ground and their enjoyment of the show. Our thanks to everyone involved especially our Club members who manned the tents, timed the stays and served the lunches. Special thanks to Carole Bath who arranges the judges each year and Maggie Hayes who took the photos some of which can be seen on the "Photos" page.

1st June 2013

Our Display Team will be in action again this year.  The Exmouth Doggy Day, Phear Park, Exmouth, 12.30pm, 7th July 2013 and the usual Hennock Show on Sunday 11th August.

20th January 2013

Just a reminder that we train in all weathers. If the road is passable we'll be there!!!

Tempeltal Bolt vom Felsental with Sandra


6th January 2013

Congratulations to our members who were successful in the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog tests held on 16th December.  Special congratulations go to those who worked extra hard to complete two grades.

Puppy Foundation: Peter Deacon with Dylan and Jon Oxley with Meeka  (No photo, sorry)          

"Bronze"  Peter Deacon with Dylan, Claire Peplow with Jack, Jane Fitt with Axel, Margaret Hayes with Gus, Gary Stevens with River, Erika Markus with Enno, Tina Melsome with Enzo, Phil Mitchell with Dina and Ron Wilcox with Zac.

"Silver"  Tina Melsome with Enzo and Colin Salmon with Sheba.

"Gold"  Alan Barnes with Diesel who become only the fourth pair in the Club to achieve this prestigious award.

Congratulations to all. The next course will be held in the summer (weather permitting!!!)

27th October 2012

Our second Open Show of the year was held today. We are pleased to announce that Marianne Davis is now home from the hospital and making a good recovery. We would like to repeat our thanks to Jean Hiscox for stepping in at the last minute to judge the Breed classes.

As a contrast to our last show the weather was very windy and very cold but DRY!!! We managed to get the new markers tents up early in the week and they stood the wind very well, a good investment.

None of our obedience members entered the show but our breed members did very well. Petra Minhinett and Barry Cross were 1st in Open Dog with Romainville Charlie, 1st in Post Graduate Bitch with Jaxungate Jaffa and 2nd in Veteran with Venpatra Topaz. Denise Hensley and Ann Swift were 1st in Puppy Dog with Monksley Kohana at Zuberg who went on to be Best Puppy, his sister Monksley Kitchi was 1st in Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy Bitch. Zuberg Lotti was 1st in Veteran and Farah vom Amulree was second in Open Bitch. Congratulations to our members and all the other class winners.

7th October 2012

We have had some very good news this week and some bad news. First the good news......... Several members of the breed section of the Club went to the South West Working and Pastoral Breeds Associations Open Show yesterday. This is one of the few open shows for our breed still running in the South West and we do our best to support it. The organisers always arrange a breed specialist judge and this show was judged by Sally Gunner (Crossingate). Petra Minhinett and Barry Cross won Open Dog with Romainville Charlie, Post Graduate Bitch with Jaxsungate Jaffa and were second in Post Graduate Dog with Belezra Torino. Denise Hensley and Anne Swift won Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Breed, Reserve Best of Breed and was 4th in the Pastoral Puppy Group with Monksley Kohana at Zuberg. They also won Open Bitch, Best Bitch and Best Opposite Sex with Farah vom Amulree and were second in Post Graduate Bitch with Zuberg Whoopi. Lastly Jim Apps and Sandra Tucker won Special Yearling Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed with Felsental Hussar. A brilliant day for all concerned!!!

The bad news is that the Clubhouse was burgled on Tuesday. The thieves did over £60 damage to get £30 worth of soft drinks and crisps. They even stole our dustbins to carry them away. The theft has been reported to Police and the local beat officer will be keeping an eye on the premises in future.

6th September 2012                                                                                             

Once again a group from the Club went to the Sieger Show in Ulm, Germany. L to R, Alfred Campbell (GSD Club of Jamaica, a very good friend to our Club and its members), Jim Apps, Geoff Melsome, Sandra Tucker, Tina Melsome and Phil Mitchell.

11th August 2012

The Display Team took part in the Hennock Village Fair and Horse Show on Sunday. This has been an annual event for the Team for a number of years as the Club's HQ is in Hennock. Once again 16 dogs took part in the display, 15 worked off lead and a short display of agility was put on by five of our more experienced members. As usual the display was the highlight of the show. Sandra and Jim manned a tent throughout the day so that people could see the activities of the Club and meet two of our dogs, Cyd and Eric. The management of the show commented on the quality of our display and thanked all of our members for their continued support.

8th July 2012

The Display Team were in action in Exmouth on Sunday. Sixteen handlers with their dogs took part in the first display of the year in aid of Exmouth Doggy Day, an annual charity event. The weeks of training paid off and the display went off perfectly. At one point in the display sixteen dogs were off-lead at once, a very impressive sight! Well done to Terry and the Team!! 


28th March 2012

We are pleased to announce that our Secretary, Sandra and Chairman, Jim have been able to donate a second puppy to Pathfinder Guide Dogs. Felsental Athena will be known as Willow and her progress can be followed either on www.jutone.co.uk or www.pathfinderdogs.org . We hope that in some small way this will help after the tragic loss of Guidedog Bonnie. The Club continues to support Guidedog Akira during her training.


11th March 2012

Crufts has been held again and a couple of our Club members have done exceptionally well. Congratulations to Pauline and  John Cullen whose German Shepherd Elmo vom Huhnegrab was Best of Breed and 3rd in the Pastoral Group. This is the second year in a row that "Rico" has been Best of Breed. Congratulations also to Carole Keen whose dog Clokellys Zeger was Best Puppy. "Zeg" and Carole's other dogs can regularly be seen at our ringcraft classes.


4th March 2012

Earlier this week the long-awaited "Pedigree Dogs Exposed - Three Years On" was screened by the BBC. You may remember that the original programme was the cause of the knee-jerk reaction of the Kennel Club against the German Shepherd Dog breed in Great Britain. This caused real problems for our Club and the loss of our Championship Show status. To its credit the latest offering concentrated on the real, life threatening, problems of some breeds of pedigree dogs and included admissions by some top breeders that the health of the dog was seldom considered in the production of a show winner. The German Shepherd was only mentioned in a favourable way. Since the new Chairman of the Kennel Club has been in post there appears to have been a positive change in the attitude of the KC and they now working with the GSD Breed Council, who represent our Club, in a progressive way.

Due to this apparent change of attitude by the KC and the fact that most people outside the show ring have forgotten about the "Undertaking" I have removed our response from the website and will use the page for a more useful purpose. Should anyone want to see a copy of the GSD Club of Devon's response please send an S.A.E. to the Secretary or ask the Chairman to bring a copy to a training session.


26th February 2012   

The latest news and photos of our Pathfinder Guide Dog, Akira, are now on the Jutone & Felsental website www.jutone.co.uk. Pathfinder have just lost "Bonnie", one of their working guides. As you can imagine they and Bonnie's handler are devastated. If you are thinking of making any charitable donation this year please consider  Pathfinder Guide Dogs. Their website including Akira's "Blog" are at  www.pathfinderdogs.org  


5th October 2011  Obedience Training at Plymouth

We have been receiving a large number of requests for training classes in the Plymouth area. Due to the high cost of hiring premises in Plymouth and the low number of people attending the classes we had to discontinue classes  in Plymouth several years ago.

We are now pleased to announce that we will be holding obedience classes at Kitley on Thursday evenings. Terry, our obedience trainer at Hennock, has been holding basic obedience classes for the agility section for some time now but he has decided to open the classes to German Shepherd Dogs and owners who do not wish to go on to the agility class. He will start with basic obedience and develop to more advanced classes if there is enough demand.

For more details please phone Terry on 07776 493395, evenings after 7.30pm


For several years the Club has made a monthly donation to Guide Dogs for the Blind. Recently we had a letter from the bank telling us that our standing order was no longer being taken and had been cancelled. At the time of the AGM we became aware of an organisation which provided trained dogs to guide blind people. What was particularly interesting was the fact that this organisation only used GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS! Well, we all know that one GSD is worth ten Labradors!!! This organisation is called Pathfinder Dogs and was formed in 2003. The Committee decided unanimously that we would now support Pathfinder Dogs to supply GSD's as guide dogs to blind people. To find out more about Pathfinder Dogs please click their logo on the "Links" page. There is also more information on the Jutone & Felsental website www.jutone.co.uk


18th June 2011

It is with much sadness and regret that we announce the death last night of Sara Gray of the Megamax Kennels after a long illness. Sarah had long connections with the Club and will be greatly missed by all her friends in the breed section. Our deepest condolences go to her husband, son and young daughter.


Very best congratulations to John and Pauline Cullen and their Champion Elmo vom Huhnegrab. Elmo was "Best of Breed" at Crufts last Friday and went on to win the Pastoral Group, the best result for a GSD in many years. A very pleasing result after the appalling treatment of the "Best of Breed" last year.


The "Top Ten" Lists for the 2010 UK showring have been published. Congratulations to Club members John and Pauline Cullen and their Veneze kennel. They were Top Breeder and their Champion Elmo vom Huhnegrab was Top Dog. Veneze Ada was Top Dam and Veneze Chaos Top Bitch. Almost a clean sweep! Congratulations to Terry Kessel and Mary Brimacombe whose Conbhairean Ursus at Kesenburg was ninth in the Top Dog list. Terry, Mary and their dogs are regularly at our Sunday training sessions.


Congratulations to Tina and Geoff Melsome and their dog Felsental Ferrari (Enzo). Enzo was picked as "Best of Breed" at the Exeter and District Canine Society show on 4th December 2010. Another wonderful result for our ringcraft section.


On Sunday 14th October we held the tests for the Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme at all three levels. Those who took part had been working extremely hard for several weeks to train their dogs to a very high standard. Congratulations to all of the members who took part especially those who qualified two dogs.

Bronze Test

L to R; Emma with Dotty, Sandra - the KC Qualified Judge, Alan with Ace

Silver Award

L to R; Emma with Sammy, Andrea with Rex, Sandra and Alan with Diesel

Gold Award

Sandra with Tina Melsome and Tara. They became only the third pair in the Club to acheive the Gold Award


1st November 2010

With regard to the GSD Club of Devon's statement regarding the Kennel Club "Undertaking" (see the page on this website). We are very pleased to announce that after 30 years of negotiation the word "Alsatian" has been dropped from the name of our breed. With immediate effect the breed will be known simply as the "German Shepherd Dog".


12th September 2010

We have received a letter from the Kennel Club confirming that we have been given an "Excellent" grading by the Field Officer for our Golden Anniversary Championship Show.


The 50th Anniversary (and our last) Championship Show was held at Newhall Equestrian Centre. Despite low entries on the day it was a show that will be remembered to mark our half century. It was described by the KC Field Officer as "nice people and a very pleasant atmosphere", a very kind comment in these troubled times for the breed.

Dogs: Herr Otto Körber-Ahrens (Brunnenstraße)

Minor Puppy Dog                              Baker & Robinson's Corjon Tazz

Puppy Dog                                       Armstrong's Geeswood Jay

Junior Dog                                       Cullen's Veneze Erik

Yearling Dog                                    Swift's Veneze Dino

Post Graduate Dog                           George's Romainville Mikkee

Limit Dog                                         Cullen's Veneze Conner

Open Dog                                        Gray's Videx Tyson at Megamax

Bitches: Herr Rüdiger Mai (Bierstadter-hof)

Minor Puppy Bitch                             Cullen's Veneze Frankie

Puppy Bitch                                      Armstrong's Geeswood Jade

Junior Bitch                                       Bowen & Wadlow's Conbhairean Winona

Yearling Bitch                                    Belfield's Kassieger Rianne   

Post Graduate Bitch                           Taylor's Samaravic Shayla   

Limit Bitch                                         Sheffield's Willowdale Keifa   

Open Bitch                                        Hall's Gayvilles Zora   

                                              Best Puppy Dog - Armstrong's Geeswood Jay

                                             Best Puppy Bitch - Armstrong's Geeswood Jade

                                            Best Puppy in Show - Armstrong's Geeswood Jay

                                                    Dog CC - Cullen's Veneze Erik

                                     Reserve Dog CC - George's Romainville Mikkee

                                        Bitch CC - Sheffield's Willowdale Keifa

                                       Reserve Bitch CC - Hall's Gayvilles Zora

                                     Best in Show - Sheffield's Willowdale Keifa

Congratulations to all the winners. Thanks to everyone for bringing their dogs such a long way and making the day one to remember. Congratulations to all of our Club members who did well on the day especially Georgie Sheffield and her very deserving "Best in Show" Willowdale Keifa. Pictures are now on the "Photos" page.


2th March 2010


Many congratulations to Club member Carol Keen. Carol's dog, Clokellys Lagos, won "Best Dog" and "Best of Breed" at Crufts yesterday, 11th March 2010. This is a very great achievement for this local dog. Lagos has only recently returned from Germany where he qualified SchH3 and AD so it has been a very special year for him and Carol so far! He is now well on his way to becoming a Champion.

Other members of the Club also qualified for and attended Crufts but didn't quite achieve the same success.


Congratulations to Emma Broadhurst with Samantha, and Andrea Nemcova with Rex who passed their Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Scheme Bronze award. Also congratulations to Claudette Martens with Treeck and Geoff Melsome with Enzo who passed their Puppy Foundation course. 

L to R: Geoff with Enzo, Emma with Samantha and Claudette with Treeck


Kennel Club Good Citizen Dog Tests - Silver and Gold Levels

The above tests were held at the Hennock Training Ground on Sunday 21st June 2009

Congratulations to Tina with Tara, and Sarah with Mac who passed the Silver Award. Special congratulations to Phil with Zoe, Malcolm with Kyi and Sarah with Lararth Sonny and Breed Champion Zuberg Lyric who passed the Gold Award, the highest level. The Officers and Committee of the Club are very proud of the outstanding level of training and the time spent by each handler and their dog to achieve this level of success.

Silver Level.                                Tina Tina with Tara and Sarah with Mac. Sandra the examiner in the centre. 

Gold Level.                        L to R. Malcolm with Kyi, Phil with Zoe, Sandra the examiner and Sarah with Breed Champion Zuberg Lyric and Lararth Sonny.


The above tests were held at the Hennock Training Ground on Sunday 14th June 2009.

Congratulations to Tracey with Tia, Sandra with Sheba, Alan with Diesel, Sue with Harley, Chris with Sam and Emma with Samantha who were all successful in their tests. They are shown below with Sandra Tucker, the Bronze level examiner.


Crufts 2009        Sunday 8th March 2009

Crufts is a world famous dog show and just to qualify for entry is an achievement. Only the very best dogs in the country are allowed to compete.

A number of our members were lucky enough to qualify this year and did very well.

Congratulations go to:-

Carol Keen                         Clokellys Lagos                  1st, Special Junior Dog

Sarah Julian                        Lararth Sonny                    3rd, Good Citizen Dog Scheme - Dog

Sandra (our Secretary)        Jutone Lisa at Chrisinge       1st, Veteran Bitch (handled by Jim, the Chairman)

Denise Hensley                  Zuberg Deenika                    4th, Veteran Bitch